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Genshin Impact Guide: 7 Advanced Strategies & Tips to Boost Your Progress


Genshin Impact certainly has a lot to offer RPG enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy exploration in an open world that offers breathtaking views and scenery, full of content and secrets waiting to be discovered. There are almost no limits to the time you can spend venturing into the world of Genshin Impact, but a quick dive into Tevyat can tell you how much time you need to spend exploring every corner fully.

One factor to consider in Genshin Impact is that while it contains a lot of features and mechanics, it is still relatively easy for absolute beginners to the genre to learn and play. If you've just decided to download and play it, we highly recommend that you read our Genshin Impact beginner's guide first as it provides all the basic tips and strategies you need to kickstart your adventure.

In this guide, we will focus more on advanced strategies that require a little more familiarity with the basic features and mechanics of Genshin Impact. While you can still readily apply the concepts we will discuss, it is still best to stick to the simpler strategies we provided in our first guide.
1. Use the original resin on the Ley Line outcrops

While viewing the map in the world of Genshin Impact, you may notice numbers in the upper right corner symbolized by a moon icon. These are original resins that work much like game stamina in other RPGs, but only apply to Ley Line Outcrops. The amount of original resin you can stack has a limit and fills up over time as you consume it. Since opening Ley Line Outcrops consumes original resin, but grants you the EXP adventure rank in addition to other valuable rewards, it's best to consume them as regularly as possible.

There are 2 types of Ley Line outcrops that you can see on the world map. The Flower of the Apocalypse, indicated by a blue orb, appears once you reach adventurer rank 3, while the Flower of Wealth, symbolized by a yellow orb on the map, appears once you reach adventurer Rank 12. your rank as an adventurer. Blossoms of Revelation rewards you with Adventure EXP, Company EXP, Adventurer Experience, and Tramp Tips. Flowers of wealth, on the other hand, earn you adventure EXP, companionship EXP, and blackberry. 
Once you get close and interact with the orbs on the world map, a crowd of enemies will be summoned and you will need to defeat them all to reveal the Ley Line Blossom. After spending the original resin on Ley Line Blossom, you will earn rewards. Note that there will always be a Flower of Revelation and a Flower of Wealth on the world map. As soon as you activate and beat one, another will spawn in a random location.

As you will sometimes be prevented from continuing on some missions due to the minimum adventure level requirements, participating in Ley Line Outcrops is one of the best ways to accumulate Adventure EXP. Traveling to different areas of the map, even with teleportation waypoints and other landmarks that you can instantly move to, will still help you explore the areas better. Consider it as an added incentive to activate teleportation waypoints you may have missed before or revisit some marked areas that you can now pursue.

2. Main elemental reactions

Combinations and elemental reactions are at the heart of Genshin Impact's battle system. Often you can still deal damage even without knowing much how each element works against all others, as well as the corresponding combinations resulting from exposure to each of them. However, knowing how each elemental reaction can be initiated and used in combat can greatly increase your performance in each fight.

For starters, some elements already have effects that trigger as soon as they are hit by the target. Cryo, for example, slows down enemy movement. Pyro causes a DoT burn effect on the target and can burn wooden objects, including wooden shields of enemies. Hydro enforces a wet state, which does nothing by itself, but is a preparatory state for various elemental effects.

The DoT burning effect of pyro can be further enhanced with dendro (life). A burned target will go to a cryo target and vice versa. If cryo is the trigger, each cryogenic attack will inflict 1.5 times the damage while a frozen target hit by fireworks will take double the damage. Pyro works almost the same way combined with hydro with the vaporization state. Pyro and electro combined cause area-of-effect pyrotechnic damage, perfect for igniting explosive barrels near the enemy or further spreading the burn effects on them. 

The combination of hydro and electro effects produces a state of electrical charge, which is a lightning-like DoT that works very similar to combustion. The most popular combination of hydro and cryo freezes the lens temporarily in addition to the slowing effect that comes from cryo. Cryo and electro mixed together result in a super conduit, which deals AoE cryo damage and also reduces the target's defense.

The elemental reactions Geo and Anemo are much easier to master as they both essentially impact cryo, electro, hydro and pyro alike. Geo combined with any of the above elements will result in crystallization. Crystalize extracts elemental energy from its target and produces crystals that can be used by characters to earn an elemental shield. These shields protect the user and reduce the damage taken from elemental attacks.

Of course the elemental shield type will have more effective damage reduction against the same element. Anemo, in tandem with the given elements, will result in a vortex. The vortex effect enhances the elemental effect and causes its effect to spread farther.

Mastering the elements goes beyond having a fair level of familiarity with the direct effects and combined reactions of each. To further increase your combat prowess, also familiarize yourself with each character, their abilities and their respective elemental affinities as switching to the right element in combat becomes a critical aspect of your performance in the game.
3. Spend some time exploring each store's offerings

Genshin Impact makes sure that venturing outside of Mondstadt can get a little too exciting as you are unlikely to spend time in the city unless your current research calls for it. While you may visit the shops and other establishments within Mondstadt in passing as required by some missions, your eagerness to accomplish missions outside the city and venture out to explore may prevent you from taking the time to check out each of the shops, especially the one they have. to offer. Before setting out on your next adventure, take some time to peruse each shop as it may provide you with something to make the next mission easier.

There is a unique shop in Genshin Impact as it can be accessed from the main menu rather than being physically seen on the map. Initially, some items for sale require real money or genesis crystals which can only be obtained by spending real money. On top of all this, your attention should be on Paimon bargains, which is the third store tab.

There are Intertwined Destinies and Knowing Destinies that can be purchased using primogems, although you can purchase them directly in the wish function if you lack the destinies for summoning from the gacha. What you may need to explore further are the glittering star swap and stardust swap within Paimon's Bargains. You can earn unmatched stardust with every wish you make, regardless of the outcome of the attraction. Masterless Shimmer, on the other hand, can only be earned if you've pulled out a hero you already have. Both of these resources serve as extra incentives from wishes, as your luck with each subsequent roll grows if you fail to secure the best possible rewards.
Masterless Starglitter can be exchanged for intertwined fates, cognitive fates, heroes, weapons and various other items. Likewise, masterless stardust can be exchanged for intertwined destinies, masterless destinies, and a plethora of other resources.

The Good Hunter shop in Mondstadt is one of the basic shops you need to visit. You can buy ready-made food products from the store, as well as ingredients and recipes for your kitchen. Since the items on sale here only consume blackberry, you should stock up on food regularly as you would rather have an excessive amount of food in your bag rather than running out of it during critical battles.

There is also a kitchen area next to this shop where you can prepare extra meals with the ingredients you have collected. Note that some recipes will unlock based on your adventure level, but you will only need to purchase each new ingredient once.

With Winds Come Glory is a gift shop that contains various materials for the ascension of the characters, as well as materials for the ascension of weapons, materials for the creation of weapons and even Memory of Roving Gales necessary to unlock the nodes of the constellations. You need Anemo Sigils to purchase any item and this rare currency can be obtained from expeditions.

Another shop where you can splurge on blackberries is the general store, which contains various food ingredients. Since each is quite inexpensive, you may want to stock up on some items that you cannot collect from the field. Note that there will be some fees that may require you to use some of these basic ingredients.

Timaerus's Bench isn't a shop at all, but it does provide you with the means to craft potions and other items from the materials you collect on your adventure. Before starting the activity, be sure to read the description of the item you want to create. More items will become available for crafting as you increase your adventure level, but due to the limitations on some of the raw materials needed, it's best to know exactly what you want to craft up front.

An important establishment to familiarize with is the forge. The blacksmith offers some basic weapons for blackberry, but the most important aspect of the forge comes with crafting items. Pieces of iron and crystal you collect from all over the earth can be used to create enhancement minerals. These upgrade minerals are required to level up your weapons. Besides that, the forge can also be used to craft 4-star weapons for your heroes.

Angel's Share, the bar within Mondstadt that you will visit soon as part of your research. You may not have guessed it, but the bar actually sells several drinks that you can consume in battle to temporarily grant your party different buffs.

There are numerous other shops available in the game that will provide you with even more items to spend your currencies. As the city of Mondstadt is just the starting region, getting into the habit of knowing what each shop has to offer can go a long way towards your adventures. Therefore, don't hesitate to visit each one and check the products they offer.

Genshin Impact still holds a lot of content and secrets waiting to be discovered. For now though, this is where we will finish our advanced guide on Genshin Impact. While there are other game modes that we have yet to cover, we are confident that the tips and strategies we have shared here, along with those we have discussed in our beginner's guide, will be enough to guide you through every challenge that comes your way. If you've spent hours in the world of Genshin Impact and stumbled upon a unique trick or strategy that we missed, we really appreciate hearing from you about it, so don't hesitate to tell us about it and send us one in the comments. under!
4. Form different teams

Genshin Impact plays much like a single-character game, but features a full team of 4 characters to take on your adventure. With a basic functionality that allows you to switch almost instantly to the other 3 characters in your party, or 4 in the case of guest characters for specific missions, it is possible to realize various battle strategies based on the combination of elements of the heroes in the group.

In addition to elemental combinations, each team can also earn different buffs from elemental resonance which is activated based on the elements represented in the team and although some areas of the game will not allow you to promptly switch members of your party, you are very free to do so in world map. 
In addition to being able to quickly change party members in the squad menu, Genshin Impact also allows you to prepare 4 distinct squads to play with. Since some puzzles and scenarios in the open world make it necessary to use each of the 7 available elements, a more efficient way to use more than 4 characters is to prepare alternate team lists.

We mentioned in our beginner's guide that your focus should be on 4 main characters, as various resources are required to upgrade and improve the heroes and their gears. However, it shouldn't stop you from using other heroes, especially those with elements not in your main group. Some missions require you to have a specific element represented on your squad and while it's possible for most to still go all the way, it will be much more difficult to get away from the recommended items.

Another practical application to take advantage of the creation of multiple group configurations is the effect of some elemental resonance buffs that apply outside of combat. Having 2 characters with the anemo (wind) element, for example, will reduce the group's stamina consumption by 15%, increase movement speed by 10%, and reduce skill cooldown time by 5%. While these perks can also be of great help to the party in battle, they are the best combination to have when out exploring the land. In that sense, you don't even need to invest heavily in a team setup built for exploration as you can easily switch sides for tougher battles.

 5. Use markers on important points on the map

As you continue to explore the world of Genshin Impact, you will surely find yourself in many situations where a discovery provides a puzzle that you cannot solve for the moment. Perhaps because you still lack the ability to accept the challenge or perhaps you have wasted time while engaged in a quest that you would like to pursue outright. In these cases, it is best to make a note of these locations and not just a mental note, but one with a marker that tells you exactly where these points are.

After opening the map via the mini map icon at the top left of the screen and tapping any area within it other than the statues of the seven, teleportation waypoints and other significant icons, you will be able to pin it . There are 6 unique pins that you can use at your discretion and you can mark a total of 90 different points.

The locations of the amenoculi are a perfect example of points to mark on the map. They can appear as stars on the minimap when you get close enough to one during your exploration. Sometimes, however, they will find themselves in areas that are impossible to reach unless you move to higher ground and slide towards them. As such, you have the option to mark them on the map if you can't pursue them to get them right now.

Another common example on the world map that you may not be able to deal with readily is the mysterious seelie or blue spirits lurking around. You have to guide them to their destination and often this will unlock a treasure for you. On some occasions, however, it will take more than one blue spirit to unlock the rewards that await. Not all blue spirits can be easily spotted, as can some perhaps behind a huge piece of rock. Some may even appear to be trapped inside an elemental barrier just like some treasure chests and you have to glide into its center to free them.

The locations you can mark on the map shouldn't be limited to the unsolved puzzles that you'll revisit later. On some occasions, there are areas that are worth reviewing due to the resources you can gather within them and if you have come across an area rich in resources that you may not easily find anywhere, then you should also mark it as such.

 6. Fulfill all errands daily

Progressing through Genshin Impact story and archon missions as well as exploring the huge open world can certainly fill any player's daily dose of adventure. Once you reach Adventure Rank 12, however, you'll unlock the Adventurers Guild Commissions. Players receive 4 random commissions every day, which are achievable missions in different areas of the map that players have unlocked.

Achieving each commission guarantees a series of rewards and completing all 4 extra reward earnings. Some commissions are repeatable while others will only be experienced once based on player progression in the game. Some missions involve simple errands, while others will immerse you in different battles, solve a variety of puzzles, or both.
Taking commissions isn't just important because of the various rewards you earn. As these missions will be located in various locations on the map, they will also introduce you to several features of Genshin Impact that you may have little or no knowledge of. It also provides an avenue for further exploration that can help you gather unique and amenocular resources needed to upgrade statues of the seven.

Once you unlock the commissions, make sure you make an effort to complete each one as you will constantly need the primogems they reward you with, as well as the XP adventure rank you need to unlock more missions and game modes.




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